Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 4 Clues of His Attraction

Published: 16th September 2009
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If you have been friends with him for practically a long time already and you have developed a certain romantic feeling to him, you often wonder "does my guy friend like me?" To answer your question, the list below can help you but first you need to look at key things first. Most guys will always shy out on their feelings either because they don't want to get rejected or they just possess a big ego to enable them to move first.

The question "does my guy friend like me" will pop up into your head if you suddenly notice that he somehow treats you differently than the way he treats everyone else. However, he just doesn't tell you he is interested. So, how does one know if he likes you?

1 - He fixates his glance to you. If a guy is starting to fall for you, he will always want to look at you whether or not you are talking. If for some reason he wants to see you often, more than he usually does, chances are he really is falling for you. If you catch him staring, he will suddenly break the eye contact.

2 - Conversation. He seems to find it hard to stop talking to you. Even after you spent the whole day together, he can't seem to get enough and will call you afterwards for an all-nighter telephone conversation. You basically talk about everything else but his real feelings. Be patient because he will be telling you when the time is right.

3 - Date. He asks you for an exclusive date. Even though he still is not telling you he likes you, the mere invitation certainly will tell you that he likes you. He just want to make certain that you are interested in him too enough for you to go out with him on a date.

Does my guy friend like me? It is a pretty easy question to find out an answer to. But whatever you do, always thing about enjoying your time. Don't push and work too hard just to get him to tell you he likes you. He will in the right place and time.

There are little things you can do in order to have all the clues on what is going on inside your guy's heart. The easy to follow steps is almost impossible to resist. If you want success in the dating field by meeting men and how to keep them, you can go to Catch And Keep Him and you will discover all you need to know that are just basically easy.

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