How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out – 4 Smart Moves you can follow

Published: 16th September 2009
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More often than not, how to get a guy to ask you out is an interesting topic for women. Not only that women commonly share the same sentiment but they also would want their men to do the asking even if in reality they just want to go and do it themselves.

You see they guy you're interested in, he walks by you and hope that he will notice you but in the end he never looks your way. Here you can follow direct ways to make him ask you out.

1 - Establish connection

Attraction alone is just not enough when you want to go out with the guy you fancy. You could opt to be more aggressive, flirt more and look your best always but in the end he still goes for the girl you did not expect him to go for. Why? What is in that girl that you certainly don't have? The answer might just be connection. The fundamentals of making a connection is based not on how you look but is in how you "look" deep into his eyes. Eye contact however simple and small it may seem is a powerful tool to start the connection you crave for.

2 - Have a conversation

Do not wait for manna from heaven. If you have liked this guy for a long time you can walk up to him when you both are free and talk. Yes, just talk. Talk about subjects he might be interested in and keep a casual but lively conversation with him. Focus yourself on the person and not just on words. Having fun in his company is playing smart. You would not want to sound boring to him, would you?

3 - Give him opportunity

How to make a guy ask you out? He can't if he doesn't have any chance to do so. You need to give him the opportunity because just like you, he might not be comfortable at all to ask you out around his friends. Peel off any barrier that prevents him from doing so.

4 - Give him the go

So you talk with him in a fairly regular basis. You already have established the connection. What's left to do? The answer is none. You just need to give him the go signal and hope that he will drive in. You could prompt him by opening conversation like how people love to go to movies. If he reads beyond what you said, he will ask you out.

How to get a guy to ask you out is fairly easy if you know how to play your cards well. But during the process always expect that it is entirely being decided by the guy.

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