How to Tease a Guy – Mastering the Art of Teasing

Published: 16th September 2009
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Most people believe that guys are the ones who are tease. However, many women wonder how to tease a guy. It's perhaps normal to assume that women don't know this art and only men do but it doesn't mean that women can't. In fact, when women do the teasing, men almost always find themselves entertained and fun. Here are some techniques that you can do to master the art of teasing.

1 - Create a goal

Always make sure that you are not teasing just for the sake of teasing. What is your goal? You need to know what you want in the end that you would want to know how to tease a guy properly. Do you tease him because you want him to have fun with you? Or do you tease him because you want to be liked? This sort of things should come to you naturally.

2 - Get to know him

You can't be found teasing a guy you barely know. At least make sure that you know what he is made of. You might rub him off the wrong sides and instead of liking you, he might end up disappointed and view you as distasteful or worst he might hate you. It is important that you know the off limits in his personality.

3 - Be confident

For you to start teasing, you need to have at least one strong personality in you namely - confidence. You won't last a minute teasing a guy if you do not possess confidence at the very least. He will be in on the fun if he sees that you are worth the time. Don't bother starting to tease if you know you can't stand being teased back.

How to tease a guy is an art you need to master. You will be having a hard time teasing him if you don't know what you are doing. In the end, it is still your attitude that will really matter. Have fun and be all with the luck.

There are still many things you can do in order to master the art of teasing. It is women's secret tool and you definitely would want to know about these secrets. You can unravel the mystery at Catch And Keep Him and be in for the treat. As long as you have the right attitude in your heart, you will definitely succeed getting the guy you want.

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