How to tell if a Guy Likes You – Uncovering His Heart’s Secrets

Published: 16th September 2009
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You realized you like him. Does he like you? How to tell if a guy likes you back? It seems to be a million dollar question thrown at you. Stop daydreaming and start observing.

Below is the list of signs you can observe if the guy is interested in you too:

1 - Someone knew

If you think that girls are the only ones who know how to do small talk, you are wrong. Guys more often than not could not contain what they feel too and they release them by telling someone about it a mutual friend perhaps or people who know you.

2 - Interested-in-you look

It is kind of hard to explain how guys give that look but simply put, he gives away his true emotions through his fac. Most men who like a certain girl will give you a tentative smile and will hesitate to go further from there because he's probably fishing out for information about you.

3 - He gets close

A guy especially when he's about to explode will finally get close and talk to you. Sometimes when he is unable to control things, he will bombard you with questions. Once he established is connection with you, he will then move on to a higher level of questioning i.e. do you have a boyfriend?

4 - He is aware of your routine

It sounds scary when we put it this way. In other words, he tends to "stalk" you - not in a psychopathic way - it's just that he knows your schedule and he just shows up almost everywhere.

If you notice all signs mentioned from the guy you like then there is no need for you to keep asking how to tell if a guy likes you. Chances are he does, he has not yet come around to actually ask you out.

Thousands of women now marvel at the fact that they can read men that they like but they never thought they could before. You too could have a taste of this success in dating and relationships if you just follow the guides and steps guaranteed to take you to a higher level. You will definitely have the truth behind those glances he cast in your way or better yet discover a new road to his heart. You just have to be patient to do this. For further information go to Catch And Keep Him.

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