How to Tell if a Man Likes You – Pointers to Gauge His Interest

Published: 16th September 2009
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It is always a challenge for women has on how to tell if a man likes you. It has never been an easy task to figure out what is going on inside your man's head. There is really no accurate way for you to be able to measure how much his interest is to you. With the simple pointers listed below, you can at least tell if he likes you or not. Read on for the clues of his heart.

He satisfies his curiosity

Men and women alike are courteous. It's human nature. However when a man is more than courteous and he is curious about almost everything about you, it can be a clue that he is interested in getting to know you more and not just remain as acquaintance. He will be attentive to whatever you are saying, remembers even the slightest detail you said and he always engage you into a small talk.

He voices out his interest indirectly

He will ask you too many questions about diverse topics ranging from sports to ultimately YOU. He always includes questions about you and he gives you most if not all of his attention. He never acts detached when you are together rather he always gives you the feeling that he will be there for you. If you know how to tell if a man likes you, there is really no need to go into trance because he will show you his interest.

He takes risks and faces his fears

For men, if they are truly and genuinely interested in you in a romantic way, they will conquer their fear and takes the risk of asking you out on a date. He will always include you in almost his entire schedule and finds time just to be with you. When he is with you, he always tries to engage you into a lively conversation and will try to make it the best date you ever had.

Men always have their own sets of signals that they use in order to let you know they are interested. When it comes to how to tell if a man likes you, he will send those signals and will hope that you will be able to interpret them.

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