Is He Attracted to Me – Discover 4 Signs that He Is

Published: 16th September 2009
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The biggest question you could ask yourself in dating would be: is he attracted to me? He will drop hints on your way if he really is. However there is really no telling about what goes on inside the complexities of his mind. Here are some signs for which you could tell that he is attracted to you.

He wants to see you more

Unless your home is really on his way, he won't be passing by your home and stopping to say to you then initiate a small talk with you. A guy who is interested in a woman will always try to see more of her, which he don't normally do to every woman he meets.

He always treats you nice

Whenever a guy is interested in you, he will always be on his best and will be nicer. This action supported by the fact that he never does this to just anyone but the girl he's interested in is certainly a sign in itself that he is attracted to you. His friends are the exact people you could start fishing out valuable information from regarding his behavior. Be a keen observer for the things that he does for you.

He always tries to look good

Men and women alike always want to look good. However for a person who likes someone will always be willing to go an extra mile in order for the object of his desire to notice him. If you tell him he looks goon on a certain shirt he wore, he will most probably be wearing it whenever you two meet. It is his way of telling you that he values your opinion. So, whenever you ask "is he attracted to me" then look for this sign.

He gives away hints

Sometimes guys just don't have the courage to say what they want to say especially those who genuinely do like you. It is fairly easy to ask someone out if he doesn't really mean it in the first place. However for someone who truly wants to hang out with you will find it hard to voice out what he really feels. If your guy is like this kind of guy, chances are his subtle hints are all you're going to get.

There are a lot of signs that a guy shows whenever he's interested in a girl. Hopefully, they shouldn't remain as signs so that you won't be left with a question hanging out above them: is he attracted to me?

Be one of the few who have the amazing capability to read more into a guy's actions. When it comes to dating and relationships, as a woman you may feel that you are at the disadvantage. You can look no further than here to discover the secrets and reasons why you need to unveil them in order to be successful in keeping men.

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