Is He Flirting? Learn how men flirt

Published: 16th September 2009
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It is not news nowadays when women spend sleepless nights just thinking anxiously over men and sometimes it goes as far as asking - is he flirting? Any woman would want to know what men do when they are interested at someone. However, male flirting is pretty obvious if you learn to observe his actions.

Fortunately for women, it is easy to learn how men flirt. The simple guide below will give you ideas and answers to your question - is he flirting?

1 - A man is flirting when he improves his appearance for you.

Men always pay attention to how they appear in front of the women they are interested at. They want to impress females.

2 - A man is flirting when he acts as an alpha-male.

Alpha-males are men who are strong and smart in leading. Men usually use this as a way of flirting for them to show their dominance.

3 - A man is flirting when he's trying to hold your gaze longer than necessary.

Eye contact is necessary in every conversation but for a man who is flirting and is interested at you, he will prolong the gesture as if to tell you he is fascinated at you.

4 - A man is flirting when he gets physical.

By physical it means touching your arm, hand, shoulder or brushes imaginary dust from your clothes. They will make any excuse just to touch you.

5 - A man is flirting when he demonstrates subconscious body gestures.

The following are some of the gestures men use when they are flirting.

• Hooking his thumb on his belt

• Legs and feet positioned toward you

• Running his fingers on his hair

So, is he flirting? You will now be able to tell if he is because men are simple beings. If they are interested, they are going to show it.

If you want to learn all the tricks in reading a man's action and heart, there are proven ways for you to do it. The only thing necessary for you to do is to pay attention and equip yourself with all necessary tools and tricks in order to do it. You can have a detailed list of tricks just by going to Catch And Keep Him and be able to know what is going on inside his mind. By learning what he does if he is interested, you are opening an opportunity for you to get to know him better.

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