List of Signs He is Flirting – 2 Categories of Signs

Published: 16th September 2009
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If you want to know the list of signs he is flirting, there are two categories of signs namely - obvious and non-obvious. It is a fact that men are skilled when it comes to flirting. Sometimes you are clueless if he is flirting so below are some clues that will help you.

2 Categories of the List of Signs He is Flirting:

1 - Obvious Signs

Majority of the obvious signs that a man is flirting is through his actions and body positioning. The way he moves his hands and feet, stand and posture are all under the "obvious" category of signs. They include:

• Brushing his hair with his fingers

• Touching our arm or back while talking

• Winks

• Frequent smiles suggesting he is interested

• Beams when you are talking

• Prolonged eye contact

• Giving you small gifts or token

• Nervousness or a little anxious while he's with you

Other signs include those that are subconscious on his part like: leaning close either to listen to you or to smile at you and tease you.

2 - Non-obvious Signs

It would be hard for someone to pick up non-obvious signs if she is an amateur in flirting. More often than not if you are new to the field, only the direct signs of interest are noticeable for you. Subtle flirting that falls into this category includes:

• Immaturity when around you

• Excuses just to hang out with you

• You catch him staring at you without looking at him squarely

• He "blushes" when you talk to him

• He smiles at everything you say (even when there's nothing to smile about)

• He adapts your body movements

• He likes to talk to you on the phone

• Subtle jealousy

• His friends tease him

• He starts the conversation always

• Accidental bumps

• Playful hugs

If you find the list of signs he is flirting helpful and you feel you are interested in him too, always feel free to flirt back. He will be yours for the taking in no time.

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