Reasons Why Guys Like Girls – Discover what makes him stay

Published: 16th September 2009
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If you want to know the reasons why guys like girls, it follows that you will have a chance to discover what makes them stay in a relationship. Here is a list of few reasons.

Guys love the company

Guys don't want to be alone. They will always seek company whether in friends or in a girl. But if he finds a girl worthy to be granted of his love and affection, he will always be in her company simply because he just loves being around her.

Guys love the debate

Guys find it intellectually challenging when they go into debates with their girlfriends. The kind of debate that stimulates the power of reasoning even though they know they could never win. But mostly they love the sweetness after a heated discussion. Being smart is one of the reasons why guys like girls.

Guys love the comfort

Guys will always find girls comforting especially when they understand them and be there for them not only when things are going smooth sailing but also when they both meet small bumps on the road. Even when nothing has been said and done, they always find the connection too strong and are comfortable about it.

Guys love the security and pride

Girls offer the kind of security and pride to men by being faithful and loving. Guys take pride in themselves when they have found someone who can take care of herself and confident but at the same time gentle and nice.

Guys love the feeling of becoming a knight

Sure guys love confident girls but being confident doesn't mean they can't get hurt. And guys love it when girls turn to them for comfort. It gives them a sense of importance that if they could, as much as possible, they don't want to see their girl vulnerable and hurt although at times they want the feeling when they have to protect them and are being needed by her.

For guys who are truly interested in a girl, one of the ultimate reasons why guys like girls would go down to nothing because every reason said won't do any justice since it is not something to be thought of but something to be felt.

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