Signs that He is Attracted to You – Hints of His Attraction

Published: 16th September 2009
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Oftentimes what we do reflects exactly what we feel. When reading signs that he is attracted to you, you have to start with a keen observation on everything that he does. If he can't say it out loud, chances are his body is going to do the talking. So, you need to pay attention.

1 - Do you see him more often than before? A man who is attracted to you will not last a day without seeing you and sometimes if you have known him for a very long time, you would be seeing much of him whether at school or workplace or even at a birthday bash.

2 - Do you notice a slight change in his behavior? If he is not who he is the first time you met him, there is a reason why he behaves the way he does around you. If you could, watch him how he deals with his other friends and compare it to how he treats you. Do you see any difference? Look for the signs that he is attracted to you.

3 - Does he always try to look his best whenever he is around you? It cannot be denied that physical attraction always comes first. Seldom are the old-fashioned thoughts of love at first sight. Since he knows about this, he would want to present his best for you to be attracted with him as well.

4 - Does he tease you by asking you jokingly for a date? If he does then it is not a joke. It is just his way of expressing how he feels without risking his ego should you decide to turn him down. It would not hit him directly if you turn him down. After all it was just a 'joke.'

So, there you already know some of the signs that he is attracted to you. All you have to do now is to respond to his feelings by conveying it through your actions as well.

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